Silk Bags for Life

We all know the damaging impact of plastic on the environment and the backlash against plastic means more people are looking for sustainable alternatives. Advice states that a canvas or jute bag for life should be used to reduce your environmental impact, yet even some of these contain plastic linings. Our Avalonia silk bags are a bag for life that is 100% plastic free and are a stylish way to decrease your footprint.


Silk Bags environmentally friendly recycled


Made from 100% recycled silk sari’s this clever little idea reduces waste by preventing the fabric from going to the landfill. Clothing can take hundreds of years to decompose and In a landfill, organic materials lack the oxygen needed to break down. Instead the decompose through anaerobic digestion, a process that results in the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases that escape into the atmosphere. Instead Avalonia, cleans the sari’s through a hot water process and reuses the material to create our signature silk bags. 


Recycled Silk Bags for Life Environmentally friendly


Due to the production process each bag is unique in design with a wide variety of prints and contrasting handles. Making this handy number a stylish accessory to any wardrobe or even a great storage piece to hide those unsightly items in a much more appealing way. 



Silk bags for Life Recycled Environmentally Friendly  


The production of the silk bags also has a positive ethical impact in developing countries. By providing work to rural women in India who would not normally have a source of income, the poduction of our silk bags helps provide a good source of income for themselves and their children. All in all the use of our silk bags are a win-win by making the world a better place for all of us around the globe and by providing a unique bag. 

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