About Us

Hi, i’m Andrew the creator of Avalonia.  Avalonia was named after Avalon (Glastonbury, UK), the spiritual hub of the UK and also my home.


Avalonia prides itself on sourcing the best quality materials from all over the globe and creating unique limited edition designs.  Avalonia has over 10 years experience working in the production of fashion.  Since we source directly from trusted suppliers, who are often small family owned businesses, we are able to find the best quality material.  This also means the materials are usually in small supply and hence why most of our styles are limited edition. 


Since our goal is to provide quality designer clothing that provides style at a fair price for both the buyer and creators we adhere to a strict ethical policy.  We are able to do this as we are involved in all stages of production from the design to the final sale.


Where possible we try to use fully natural fibres such as cotton and linen, and we even have an organic range. 


About the Designer


Fashion came to me, rather than seeking it out.  During my travels I fell in love with the fabrics of the different countries I would travel through.  The overwhelming colours and vibrancy of Rajasthan, the texture of Banarasi and Thai silk, the intricate weaving of the Columbian Wayuu Tribe.  I knew I wanted to create something with these materials and share them with people back home.  I started off small with only enough clothing to fill a back pack, but over the years with the success of the designs, the business has grown.  


I am also formally trained as a yoga and ayurvedic practitioner and have a clinic here in Glastonbury (www.ayurvedi.co.uk).  Spirituality is an important part of my life and I hope that I am able to infuse a little into the designs also.

Blessed Be