Our Standards and Goals

At Avalonia we aim to create a positive change in peoples lives.  As a clothing brand we come into contact with many people who make the creation of our designs possible.  Each link in the chain can be categorised into 3 main groups.

1. You

2. Our Manufacturers

3. Us


1. You

We believe that the clothes we wear not only effect how we feel, but also how we interact with others, and how they interact with us.  Avalonia is committed to creating clothing that makes you feel good, and as such, makes others feel good also. 

We are able to do this by:

- Unique funky designs

- Natural Materials

- High quality manufacture


2. Our Manufacturers    



All our manufacturers are family run businesses.  These are people we have known for many years, who we consider to be friends as well as business partners.  We work very closely with our manufacturers to ensure they produce to a high standard and also that all workers are treated fairly:


- No child labour. All workers are over 18.

- Receive a living wage

- Legal labour contracts

- Safe working environment                    

- No excessive hours of work.

- Workers are entitled to paid holidays



3. Us

We at Avalonia try to embody our aims by living life in a positive creative way.  We travel the world in search of creativity and adventure, and aim to inspire those around us.  We feel it is important to give as well as to receive and we actively support the Samaritans.